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As I wrote yesterday in my diary at Patreon, today there will be a small post about how I organized my work (if it can be called a work at all) and how I manage to work on at least 8 projects in 1 day. To be honest, I can hardly keep up and have to work 10-12 hours a day, but everything is quite fast and productive.


What is the main idea

I divided into 4 parts, all those projects and tasks that I have to do. It looks like this:

Python (Django) – learning a new skills, learning programming (reading, trying to remember and restore old skills), as well as, of course, the implementation of projects Sound Body Way and Metrics House. 2-3 hours a day are allocated for this and all free time is most often spent on this too.

My sites, which are created to generate income. I left a total of 8 such sites, the ones that are the most promising. And I grouped them into 2 sites a day. 2-3 hours a day for this part. That is, on average, for each site can be allocated 1.5-2 hours every fourth day.

My blog and social networks, as well as fiverr, portfolio and all that. 2 hours a day. Well, everything is clear here, a personal brand should be developed, the main thing is not to abandon and success will come! I hope so…

Mindness and other common projects. From 2 hours a day to the maximum. Since these projects have already brought income and sometimes there is work.

Here, this was the first item. Next, with the help of the Todorant service, I make every evening a to-do list for the next day, by the hours. In the end, it may look something like this:

08:00 – morning routine
09:00 – My sites. Site #5
10:00 – My sites. Site #6
11:00 – My blog. Now I’m writing a post.
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – My blog. I keep writing my post, now-now.
14:00 – Mindness + projects with partners
17:00 – Dinner
17:30 – Python/SBW/MetricsHouse
20:00 – possibly a walk
23:00 – evening routine. Write the results of the day and a diary in Patreon, etc.

Why Todorant? I don’t know myself, but it helps me to see only one current problem and not think about the others. I used to have a lot of free time, a lot of things to do, but I sat and did nothing because I just didn’t know what to do in the first place. Now, when there is a clear plan and I see ONLY one current task, everything is much easier. Before that I had tasks written in a big diary – it didn’t work, I just closed it and cleaned it on the edge of the table. Maybe it’s magic? Or maybe I was just pressed against the wall by circumstances, but my productivity really became 100% per day. 


In the future, I plan to transfer all tasks for each project to Todorant. Since I now check each item with a Google table or with Notion. For example, 10:00 – My sites. Site #6, I will put it in the table and look at a list of everything that can and should be done there and do it in order. It will take a long time to transfer it all by hand, and I don’t have much idea how to distribute it all for at least a week, but I will study it and think I can do it. 

The creator of Todorant has great respect! Although I was one of the first users, I came to use the service in the end only with the fourth attempt.
Btw, there is also the Frog function. But I didn’t intentionally write about it because I don’t use it myself, because in recent days, all my tasks are frogs. 

What can I say in the end, I advise everyone to at least try this service. Perhaps you will like it, and the fee is purely symbolic (and I have it for free, yuhu!).

P.S. This is not advertising, I don’t get anything, and I don’t want to get anything for this recommendation. I just use it myself and recommend it to you.

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