The website and Blog are in the process of development. Everything you see now is just an early draft.

Hi! My name is Max and I am happy to welcome you to my site!
You can read a little story about me at the link below or go directly to the section of the site you are interested in.

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About work

A brief description of the process of working with me

  • Pay for my work from $120 / hour or $500 / page.
  • I do not work on weekends (or pay x2 price).
  • Responding to messages: Monday - Friday (19:00 - 09:00 PDT / 02:00 - 16:00 UTC).
  • Task Setting. Deadline for edits and corrections = at least 3 working days before deadline. Adding new functionality and features = from 1 week.
  • Work by the hour or by the project. If it's hourly, then we simply use any of the time trackers you (or I) choose to keep track of my working time. If it's project-by-project (will be much more expensive), then it's payment for each task/project separately.
  • Meetings are scheduled in advance, as are tasks and paid at the standard rate per hour.
  • After job approval - no edits will be accepted, except for an error in previously provided information (phone change or similar edits). Any other changes = full payment for the work.

Closed projects

The Crazy Coffee

2020 - ...

Idea: Translation of my website about coffee from Russian into English


2020 - ...

Idea: The Russian equivalent of a site about coffee.

Telegram for money

2020 - ...

Idea: Translating my instruction book on Telegram from Russian to English


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